Monday, August 10, 2009

the wedding show

we are working to prepare for the wedding show in Myrtle Beach on August 23rd at the MB Convention center. this will be our first show, so we are dotting our i's and crossing our t's. we spent the day tweaking our brochure and gathering information.
we have 5 beautiful wedding dresses that we are going to have Debbie's daughter model for a photo shoot. each will be worn at a different venue so brides can see themseleves getting married in the many unique places we have here at the beach.
Debbie and a friend came up with the idea to take the photos. it is our goal, for all brides to see themselves standing on the steps, or wading in the water, or riding in the boat, etc.
the one-of-a-kind weddings a bride can have here in Murrells Inelt are limitless.
we look forward to presenting new ideas and venues to our brides.

starting from scratch, means you must "invent the wheel." meaning, everything we do, is the first time it has been us anyway. once all the brochures, pamphlets, business cards, websites, etc. are in place, then we will have a model to go by.
we are learning so much. and are having to unlearn so much, too.

but the one thing that we know that we do not need to learn is that people like to be treated with respect and kindness. they like to be heard. i pray they will walk away from working with us and be able to say, they felt valued by Events on the Half Shell. that they received wonderful care. we want every bride to have a wonderful experience and to be stress free and pleased with the event itself.
so let the odyssey begin!

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