Saturday, August 8, 2009

Starting a new business at the age of 57 is really a stretch. especially, for someone who is not able to stretch as well as i once could.
I have a partner named Debbie who is a little younger, so that voids out my limitations.

Debbie is the pretty one with the elegance and grace of a true hostess. I am the one that laughs too loud and loves to hug. together, we make a great team.
she uses one side of her brain while i use the other. (organization plus ceativity). a winning combination.
our husbands are our biggest fans. they also do a lot of hauling and carrying. we could not do it without them. thanks guys!

starting a new business in this economy has broadened our horizons. there is so much to do. Debbie's skills really kick in here. she knows how to cut through all the red tape and who to call when pursuing the right infomation, paperwork, etc.

my gifts are in the hunting and gathering area. i am a great scavenger. i can find things for a real deal, and i can use things that others would not think of. i also, know how to recycle. this habit of mine sometimes drives those around me crazy, because i always have a "mess" out, but there is a method to my maddness.
i have to see things to be able to use them. i can not have things packed away, completely out of site. if i do, i will not dream of a new way to use them.
junk stores and dollar stores are my favorite haunts. you never know what treasures you will find. the trick is to purchase them right then.....even though you do not have a present purpose for them. (this sometimes scares my partner, because she sees money going out and nothing flowing the other way....) but a deal is a deal, and you must take advantage of it.
just keep these treasures in the back of your mind and something will come up.

i call it the well. i love to go to the well......all kinds of fun, silly things that add just the right punch.
there is nothing worse than a dry well. i hate it.
always over buy, too. when you think you need 10 get another 2 or 3. you'll be glad you did.

the well includes such items as napkins, candles, ribbon, etc. you need a supply handy at all times.
another important stash, is your tool/supply box. this needs to be with you where ever you go. make sure you have extra everything in there. you need to be prepared for anything. nothing is more frustrating than having to stop and go back for more, yuk!!!!

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