Friday, August 21, 2009

still looking for someone to follow me and for me to follow.
navigating this blog is a learning experience.

right now my husband and youngest grandson are rolling around on the living room rug. they are best buddies and have so much fun together.
we are so blessed.....we have 6 grandchildren.
3 boys and 3 girls....too much fun.

back to the business at hand. we will be setting up for the wedding show tomorrow. today my son and my husband loaded the trailer.....what a job. the heat is sweltering and the humidity is off the charts..
i have found a huge field of wild bamboo growing with the greenery still on it. i cut (my husband cut) an armload to be used in the arrangements for the show.
we also, cut back our saga palms for added greenery.

the silver is polished, the linens are ironed... the trailer is loaded , now we wait.....
tomorrow will be a long and fun day.
we will keep you posted on how things go....or better yet, come out and see the show.

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