Monday, August 17, 2009

is anyone out there. i want to connect with someone.

today my partner and i networked all day long. we had a wonderful consultation with Barry of Blossom's here in Murrells Inlet. he also has opened a branch office in the downtown area of Charleston. Barry is very successful and fun to talk with. he was very generous and shared all types of interesting information about the wedding business. we are so grateful for his time and his generosity.

next we visited with a wonderful lady at the Pine Lakes Country Club. she showed us around the new renovations there at the club and offered some advice, too. we appreciated all the time she spent with us and will certainly use her expert suggestions.

we love weddings and would love to get our foot in the door of the wedding market here at the beach. follow us as we walk through the process of starting a new wedding business.
watch us design our business cards; develop our brochure; write and rewrite our wedding packages; step forward with a web site; blog and twitter: we are on new ground and sometimes we feel like the ground may give way.....but push on we will in search of the perfect wedding.

so someone, anyone, let me know you are out there.
you can learn along with us, as we discover where we belong and what our niche will be.
God bless and Good night!

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